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What is Kava?

kava-bpwlMuch has been said about Kava, its effects relieving anxiety, stress, and depression. Still, what exactly is Kava? Yeah sure, you can do a Google search and get lots of information about it, though some is conflicting, so let’s discuss what this “magical tea” is and what you can expect when drinking it.


Let’s go back to basics here and get the- “what is it?” over and done with. Made from the root of a plant found on South Pacific Islands, the plant is usually a tall shrub with large green heart-shaped leaves and flowers. For many centuries it has been used by natives for medicinal and ceremonial uses.

awana-7Usually sold as a tea in a bar-like setting, it can be drank out of coconut shells and also be consumed as a candy bar or brownie. The root of the plant is ground and added to cold water to create the tea, the taste is quite distinctive, and some people prefer to add flavored creamers or juice to it in order to consume. It is also typical to serve Kava with a side of pineapple chunks to help consumption. Kava can also be found in some health food stores in capsules and drops.


And now for the good stuff! Kava is known for helping relief anxiety, stress, pain, depression, and all of that good stuff doctors love to give you a pill for. Some people report its effects are similar to alcohol, just no hangover, and it does not interfere with mental sharpness.

Kava can also be taken for sleep problems as it promotes deep sleep without affecting REM sleep. Because of its benzodiazepine-like effects, it is not recommended that it be consumed if on any such medication and alcohol should be avoided when drinking Kava.

As a pain reliever, Kava has been known to be used to relief pain, islanders used to use the root for treating arthritis, menstrual pains and chronic pain. Some went as far as using the brew for asthma and urinary tract infections! (No data on this, so don’t try this at home kids). We can only guess that the analgesic effect of the plant would be part of this, as you will feel that your tongue and lips can be a bit numbed after taking your first sips of Kava, no worries, this goes away.


kava-bulaAnd then there are the Kava bars! Here is the social aspect to Kava. Usually decorated in tiki-styled themes, Kava bars are popping up all over the US. Here is your opportunity to enjoy a relaxing shell of kava while listening to standup comedians, terrible Kavaoke or join others for game night.

The weekend is here and don’t want to drink? No worries, come on over, have a bowl of Kava, enjoy the good music, chat with wonderful people while getting the benefits of this wonderful brew without worrying about the drive home or waking up feeling like you were run over by a truck!

So come join us at Awa Na Kava, where the Kava is flowing, the company is fantastic and your blues will disappear!