Kava Powder

Wakaya Kava

Wakaya Kava Relax, unwind and de-stress with Wakaya Perfection's powdered kava. Simply add to water or juice and enjoy! Anti-anxiety; calms nerves, induces feeling of well-being Relieves muscle pain, spasms Treats insomnia Combats depression Alleviates bladder and urinary tract infections Relieves symptoms of menopause Enjoy with friends! Check to all of our Awa Na Kava [...]

Wakaya Kava Gin

Wakaya Kava-Gin Enjoy the calm, soothing essence of the South Pacific and ensure your well-being with this unique blend of our 100% organic pink Fijian ginger powder and kava root. Special blend of kava and our rare pink Fijian ginger powder, Anti-anxiety; calms nerves, induces feeling of well-being. Certified organic and kosher, No chemicals, no pesticides, no preservatives [...]

Instant Kava Bag

Instant Kava Bag Kava Instant Drink Mix Vanuatu Blend offers all the benefits without the hassle! Traditionally, kava is prepared by mashing the root of the South Pacific plant, steeping it in water or coconut milk and then straining the infusion to remove the remaining fibers. Now, because of Kava King's exclusive patented kava micronization [...]